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Oct / Nov 2012
Great Expectations

Well Connected

Next time you’re in the middle of the desert, or anywhere else that’s off the grid, think of the peace of mind you’d have if you only owned a Spot Connect. This small, waterproof gizmo connects with your smartphone to hook you into the Globalstar satellite network so you can call, send messages, check your Facebook account or more applicably direct your GPS coordinates from anywhere on Earth.

Price 170 USD +100 USD/year

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Clean Machine

The Roomba 790 is iRobot's latest autonomous vacuum cleaner, touting room-to-room navigation that permits the robot to methodically clean each room in your home before moving on to the next. It even comes with a touchscreen remote so you can easily program a vacuuming schedule or override one and send Roomba back to its charging dock.

Price 700 USD

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Seeing the Light

Whether you’re hunting prey, on the lookout for intruders or even fleeing from zombies, the powerful Flir Scout PS32 will offer you unparalleled night vision. With the ability to work through fog, smoke and trail dust, this lightweight and robust unit won’t just keep you a step ahead, it’ll do so without even a hint of arm fatigue.

Price 2,900USD

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Head Case

Most cyclists are fully aware of the dangers of biking without a helmet, yet they still choose not to wear one due to appearance, bulkiness, discomfort, and of course, bad hair. That’s why there’s now another solution: the Hövding. It’s an inflatable collar that deploys like an airbag in the event of an accident, encircling your head with a cushion that’ll keep you safe.

Price 600 USD

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Making your Point

The Wacom Inkling pen looks and feels like a standard ballpoint, yet when used in conjunction with a receiver that attaches to any sketchbook or piece of paper, it will track your every doodle, scribble, stroke, and poke to produce a digital copy of whatever you put on paper.

Price 200 USD

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Making a Spectacle

Carl Zeiss’ new cinemizer organic light-emitting diode (OLED) glasses are a fantastic way of watching movies on the go. All you need do is slip them on, insert the earphones and kick back. The glasses offer the viewing equivalent of a 40” screen and work with 3D as well.

Price 850 USD

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Plane and Simple

Available in 2014, the Pal-V One is unique in that it combines the best of scooters, cars, helicopters and planes. On the ground, the aerodynamic 3-wheeler has the comfort of a car with the agility of a motorcycle thanks to its patented tilting system. Within minutes, the wings, single rotor and propeller extend and you can take off. With a flight ceiling of 1,200 metres, the airspace available for flying vehicles that are not planes, you never run the risk of colliding with a 747.

Price not yet available

Pal-V / Not Available Online


Hot Spot

Remember Tony Fadell, the Lebanese-American creator of Apple’s iPod (Bespoke, issue 16)? Well, this product, named Nest, is his first post-Apple invention. It’s a gorgeous thermostat that programs itself by setting a schedule based on your living patterns and saves energy by monitoring if anyone’s home. Best of all, it’s wifi-enabled so you can control the temperature even when you’re away.

Price 250 USD

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