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Jun / Jul 2012
Born to be Wild

Spreading your Wings

The idea of hitching a ride on the back of a manta ray or sea turtle may seem fun but it’s also marine harassment. The Subwing replicates the experience but in a more animal-friendly manner using the tow of a boat instead. Once in motion, riders can steer the Subwing up and down, left and right, or perform spins by angling and twisting it. The turtles will thank you.

Price 800 USD

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Know it All

The Withings Baby Monitor may be a little pricey but then do you know of any other two-way smartphone-compatible baby monitor that keeps you abreast of the temperature and humidity in your child's bedroom? Or see everything in the room with the aid of night vision? Thought not.

Price 300 USD

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Time Peace

The 21cm-cubed Colosimo Spike by Döttling may be the world’s smallest safe but it’s also a stylish three-watch winder with looks inspired by Louboutin high heels. With buttery soft black leather, wicked looking spikes and a bright red under-surface, this is one safe that’s designed to attract the ladies.

Price 22,000 USD

Doettling / Not Available Online


Zooming In

In terms of final resolution, there’s no comparing a physical lens with the built-in simulators you find on smartphones. If you want the best then look no further than Japanese photography accessory label Gizmon. Secure the clip to your phone, screw in the desired lens and fire away.

Price 35 USD

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Reinventing the Wheels

Not only is Audi’s e-Tron Wörthersee great looking, it’s also better than any electric bike on the market. Boasting an ultralight 1.6kg carbon fibre frame, it can reach 80 km/h in combined pedal and electric mode or 50 km/h on battery power alone. There’s even an on-board computer that can control a whole host of fun features like automatic wheelie balance. Let’s hope they put it into production.

Price upon application

AudiNot Available Online


Speed Demon

It’s easy to forget that the modern personal watercraft evolved from the humble ‘stand up’ style craft. While other manufacturers have pulled out of the sector, Yamaha has continued to excel in it and this 2012 Superjet is its best model yet. Be prepared for breathtaking acceleration and speeds that are not suitable for beginners.

Price 11,000 USD

YamahaNot Available Online


Looking Glass

Transparency and exposure, two things not normally associated with bathtubs, are defining aspects of the ultramodern Milo. Designed by Alessandro Lenarda for Gruppo Treesse, he may have inadvertently redefined bathing rituals for the unselfconcious.

Price upon application

Grup TresNot Available Online


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