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Dec / Jan 2012
New Age Wonders

Combination Lock

Lockitron is a keyless entry system that works via your smartphone. One neat trick for iPhone 5 users is that you can approach your Lockitron and it’ll detect you via Bluetooth 4.0 and unlock automatically. Other features include notifications of when a friend or relative returns home, a knock sensor to let you know if someone’s come by to visit and an emergency secret-coded sms function in case your phone’s dead and you need to unlock from someone else’s phone.

Price 150 USD

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Plug and Play

Swimming laps will never be the same again thanks to the Speedo Aquabeat. Equipped with a 1GB hard-drive, it weighs just 35 grams, plays for nine hours on a single charge and comes in three colours. The Aquabeat player and headphones will work up to 3 metres below the surface and if you feel like taking them off in the water, you can because they’re made to float.

Price 145 USD

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Universal Remote

The Slingbox 500 is an incredible little bit of kit that enables you to view your satellite digibox remotely, in 1080p quality, as long as you have access to broadband. With built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI input/output, and SlingProjector technology for wirelessly sharing media from a smartphone or tablet on the TV, you can watch any channel, whenever you like, wherever you like.

Price 300 USD

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A Fresh Perspective

Unlike a traditional camera, the Lytro, a unique point-and-shoot camera based on light-field technology, captures every single light ray within a scene. Such an enormous amount of information has the advantage of allowing the photographer to adjust the point of focus after the picture is shot. For now, the technology is fairly new but as it develops expect to see more amazing benefits.

Price 400 USD (8GB), 500 USD (16 GB)

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Love Bug

The Inadays InaTrap is a device that hides its weapons of insect destruction behind a designer façade. A photocatalyst in the top dome produces low levels of carbon dioxide, simulating human breath, while a low power UV light flashes intermittently to attract the bugs’ attention. Once they get close enough, a whisper-quiet fan whisks them into an escape proof container below, keeping you and your loved ones bite-free.

Price 85 USD

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A Sound Investment

The La Boite Concept LD120 is an unusual laptop table that packs a serious acoustic punch. All you need do is plug in the USB sound card and you’ll have a 120-watt RMS amplifier, a pair of forward-facing two-way speakers, a downward firing subwoofer and two speakers aimed towards the wall at your disposal. House parties will never be the same.

Price 1,250 USD

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Eye Phone

The Signature Zirconium is Vertu’s first new product since the company was sold for 300 million USD by Nokia to Swedish buyout group EQT. In an expression of strength, the handsome handset is forged from zirconium, a material similar to titanium, but harder and even more durable. It’s a fitting metaphor for the company itself.

Price 19,250 USD

Vertu / (Not Available Online)

Saving Face

Sqoom is a quick and painless competitor to botox that lifts and tones skin without the need for injections or surgery. The secret lies in its patented ‘Ionozym’ function, a unique synchronous circuit of ultrasound and ionisation. It has six beauty programmes and comes with topicals that deep-cleanse, feed and even treat age spots. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and was developed and certified in Germany.

Price 850 USD

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