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Jun / Jul 2013
Fun Follows Function

Getting Around

The ingenious super-light foldable Swifty One scooter has been given a limited edition make-over by Paul Smith to commemorate the product’s first anniversary.

Price 930 USD

Only available at Paul Smith stores in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.


Transformational Stuff

Another Country’s Day Bed One is a multipurpose piece of furniture with beautifully simple lines. Capable of serving as a lounge chair, a single bed or a coffee table, it’s made in England using a French oak base and a 100 per cent organic buttoned mattress.

Price 1,700 USD

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Balancing Act

Entirely self-taught, Marco Costa conceived of his Emporium chair by questioning the notion of space, experimenting with material and playing with colour. It’s available with three legs or four and comes in aluminium, gold plate, brass or copper.

Price 4,600 -17,500 USD (depending on material)

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Work and Play

This table with its mirrored stainless steel base and walnut veneer body will seem like a good-looking conference table most of the time. But hidden in either end are customised drawers that conceal table tennis paddles, balls and a net for speedy transformation into the most stylish ping-pong table ever.

Price 5,000 USD

Order via [email protected]



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