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Apr / May 2013
Gearing up Nicely

A Truly Hunting Image

London-based sculptor Arran Gregory’s latest line of creations take the notion of faceted surface and applies that concept to the forms of wild animals. Made from acrylic resin and mineral stone onto which cut, faceted mirrors are applied, the resulting work is striking, yielding a dramatic form that reflects both light and image.

Price 30,000 USD

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Air Raising

Originally designed by NASA to clean the air inside the International Space Station, the Airocide employs a densely-packed matrix of tiny glass rings coated with titanium dioxide to remove virtually all nasty gases including those produced by aerosols, cleaning supplies, dry cleaning and paints, plus it eliminates mould, pollen, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Price 800 USD

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Bigger and Better

At 201 inches, C Seed and Porsche Design have unveiled the world’s largest TV and by quite some margin. It must be installed in your garden where it hides underground but at the touch of a button, it rises and unfolds to reveal a daylight compatible HD LED.

Price 600,000 USD

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Hot Seat

Designed by Yves Raschle and Thomas Wüthrich for Swiss company Inch Furniture, the Delaplan Chair is crafted with a beautifully modernist design. The base is in black lacquered steel and the seat of oak.

Price 400 USD

INCH Furniture / Not Available Online







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