Go the Limit
Inspired by power, Bahraini designer Sofia Al Asfoor defies convention and embraces luxury that goes the whole nine yards.
The Butterfly Effect
Trisara is one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets but we’re spilling the beans anyway. Its combination of luxurious villas, wild gardens and impeccable service is so intoxicating, you might never want to leave.
A Wrinkle in Time
Henry Dakak Jr. is a designer with a singular vision. His beautifully made creations, whether furniture, functional objects or jewellery, exemplify a judicious mix of modernity and antiquity, and bely a delicate attention to detail.
Inside Access
Lürssen’s 73-metre Coral Ocean, designed by the late-great Jon Bannenberg, was a closely held secret for 22 years. But after last year’s refit, this striking masterpiece is now available for charter.
The VIP Life
New concierge app Velocity Black promises to power the ultimate lifestyle. From yacht parties to submarine rides, it’s all at your fingertips in this members-only digital club.
The Authentic Algarve
While Lisbon was the trendy stop of 2017, there's more to Portugal than its charming capital. A journey to Portugal's Algrave reveals why it's Europe's best undiscovered haven, a remnant of simpler times when great food, sunny days and friendly locals made for a perfect vacation.
Halo Car
Here it is at last, the sensational AMG Project One, Mercedes' Formula One car for the road.
Ralph Masri’s path has been stellar. In just his first year at Central Saint Martins, he won the Swarovski Award. Two years later he became the youngest designer to ever be nominated for a UK Jewellery Award. Then after a stint at Pomellato, he went solo and already Queen Rania, Jessica Alba, and Gigi Hadid are fans.
Millionaire on a Mission
Former Puma CEO Jochen Zeitz is on a quest to change the way big corporations do business. As a champion of sustainability he thinks we need to cease our obsession with top-line growth.
Sand Castles
The Hilton Area Apartments (1977-1979) were designed by world-renowned architect I. M. Pei and today consist of 18 towers with more than 300 spacious apartments now known as Massaleh Towers.
Home Banner 2
A new boutique in Courchevel pops up for ski season.
Louis Vuitton takes you back through time at the Dubai Mall.
The Middle East’s love affair with motoring continues. Find your next ride at the Dubai International Motor Show event.
This year's event promises to be bigger than ever.

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