Positive Aptitude
Bugatti is a name with a long history of fast, elegant, luxurious and brilliantly technical automotive works of art. Now a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, the French manufacturer is still doing what it does best, as we can see from its latest model, the Chiron.
Mysterious Girl
Say hello to the Palestinian-American supermodel, Gigi Hadid’s kid sister, Bella, whose dreams of riding at the Olympics were shattered by Lyme disease. Now she’s following in her sister’s footsteps and fast becoming a belle of the fashion circuit.
Smoking Hot
You could say Yves Saint Laurent started it all in the 1960s with his Le Smoking but Racil, an elegantly honed London-based label launched last year by Lebanese fashion designer, Racil Chalhoub, takes the rebellious female tuxedo as a starting point, and then reinterprets it with a charismatic, youthful nonchalance.
Up and Up
After hiring a new chief executive and more recently, launching a new halo model that resurrects the historic Continental nameplate, the Lincoln Motor Company, Ford’s luxury division, seems to be finding its way once again after decades of being lost in the automotive wilderness.
Change By Design
Perhaps you’ve heard of Dubai’s new design district, d3, or perhaps you haven’t. But this new Foster+Partners-penned project by local developers Tecom is intending to become an incubator for the UAE’s nascent design thinkers and in the process, a catalyst for the growth of the region’s creative community but can Dubai be all things to all people?
Wellness Farm
The Sha Wellness Clinic is a high-end health farm that combines ancient macrobiotic wisdom with advanced medicine, to put you in the perfect place – both in terms of its expertise and the stunning locale – to discipline your body and recharge it at the same time.
Paradise Found
Just when you thought the Maldives couldn’t get any better, along comes the Velaa Private Island. It may have been named after the sea turtles that have lived here for generations but there’s nothing slow about this place.
Green Light
With a complete overhaul by the Portuguese architect, Ricardo Camacho, and Stroop landscape designers, the office of the Emir of Kuwait has revived a large portion of the country’s Green Belt, turning it into the largest park in the country.
The Fast Lane
Dressed all in black, with its cutting-edge lines that slice through the water at phenomenal speeds, Crazy Too by Otam is the perfect boat in its own right but that it was designed to be a chase boat for an even larger yacht just makes it all the more astonishing.
Shining Star
Yasmine Hamdan isn’t just another rebellious Arab pop star. More of an experimental rocker, her progressive, contemporary take on Arabic music includes creative, lyrical renditions of Arab classics laced with punk rock references and electronica.
A River Runs Through It
The intimate Orcaella by Belmond (formerly known as Orient-Express) is a relatively new river cruiser that glides along the Chindwin and Irrawaddy, two rivers at the heart of Myanmar, probably the world’s most unspoilt destination.
A Real Virtue
How does one turn the mundane into the exceptional? This is a question asked by every luxury goods manufacturer aware that we live in a world where discerning individuals who appreciate excellence would always rather own a fine fountain pen than a throwaway ballpoint. So what can one do with the most ubiquitous of modern devices: the mobile phone? Vertu, is the answer.
Accounting for Taste
International luxury brands may be luring China’s new rich to spend on their status symbols but Hermès has thrown its weight behind Jiang Qiong’Er who's pioneering an original Chinese label, Shang Xia, based on restraint, style and old-fashioned craftsmanship.
Bentley Desert Train race
Commemorating the legendary ‘Blue Train’ run of 1930 set by three-time Le Mans winner Captain Woolf Barnato, a Bentley Continental GT V8S convertible took on the Middle East's only desert passenger train in a race from Riyadh to Dammam.
A Change of Pace
McLaren’s 12C made its debut only three years ago but it has already been re-engineered with more than a dash of attitude. Better in many ways – lighter, faster, more responsive and more charismatic – the new McLaren 650S is familiar yet also very different.
Making History
George Gershwin may have written ‘An American in Paris’ in this hotel in 1928 but fast-forward to today and you’ll find the new Peninsula Paris sings a very different tune – one that will resonate greatly with the world’s most discerning travellers.
Rare Find
Looking to buy a home in Geneva? You won't find much better than this beautifully-decorated, three storey art-filled home smack in the heart of town. It's on the market now.
Bespoke has gone digital
If you can, pass by the DJWE, for there'll you'll find the region's most important jewellery fair.
After spending three years in Dubai, the Big Boys Toys show is returning to Abu Dhabi.
DIMS, the largest and most established motoring event in the Middle East is back.
Emulating a historic challenge, Bentley raced the train from Riyadh to Dammam.
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